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    IRIS Fête des Lumières

    2022 - LYON
    IRIS Fête des Lumières


    Our vision of the world depends on light.

    As a human being, vision is essentially situated in what we call the visible.

    The eye and its components are the tools of interpretation of reality by the perception of forms and colors.

    The project “IRIS” questions the complexity and multiplicity of the glances, visual translations of the visible world by the light.

    What are the visions of the animal world? Is the eye the seat of illusions? Do we hold the truth about the image? Are we sure of our vision?

    The eye of the Cathedral offers a new look at the city, a positive and magical vision.


    • Artistic direction : Jérémie Bellot , Anne-Sophie Acomat
    • Visuals : Jérémie Bellot , Josselin Fouché
    • Sound : Ena Eno
    • Production : TETRO, Mathieu Debay, Mathieu Klein
    • Contractors : Alabama (Novelty Groupe) , Fa Musique
    Projet suivant A MOON DREAM AVIGNON

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