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    / Immersive Night Walks


    2021 - STRASBOURG


    One journey, two stops

    The Wonderful Journey is a project designed to accompany the public in the (re)discovery of nature. During the day, the public is invited to a poetic discovery, to a contemplative stroll that appeals to the imagination, to a new appropriation of spaces. By night, the architectural and spatial metamorphosis through light offers a marvelous and magical experience.

    The Wonderful Journey is also a playful project, an artistic space, to propose a new reading of the city. It speaks of bioluminescence, diffraction, grandeur and magic of nature highlighting the transformation, the increase but also the movement, the collective, the clouds, the night life.


    • Artistic direction :AV Extended , Passe Muraille
    • Visuals :Jérémie Bellot , Josselin Fouché , Clément Protto, Xavier , Karine
    • Sound :Ena Eno
    • Lotus artwork :Module , Nicolas Paolozzi
    • Production :AV Extended x Passe Muraille event
    • Service providers :Lagoona , NAP
    Projet suivant CHATEAU DE SAUMUR

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