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    2023 - Château de Beaugency

    Color only exists through light, whether natural or artificial; it’s light that fuels our vision, the cradle of our illusions. Assuming an element of dream in the space we perceive enables us to develop new imaginations. Rêves Chromatiques takes us on a journey between the arts, science and heritage.

    A journey of works within the Château de Lumières proposed by visual artist and artistic director of the Centre d’Art Jérémie Bellot, who offers visitors a new look at heritage through his own creations, those he co-creates with his studio AV Extended and composer Ena Eno, as well as artists invited to create and exhibit at the Château.

    Influenced by nature, polyhedral geometry and space, Rêves Chromatiques is a unique encounter between contemporary creation using digital tools and old stones.

    Journey into a luminous digital universe where Medieval and Renaissance architecture is revealed through beams of light and bricks of pixels.

    “Métamorphose de la Loire” is a conceptual architectural project that explores the fusion of biomimicry and metabolism to create a harmonious urban ecosystem along the Loire River. Inspired by the region’s natural forms and processes, the project aims to create a symbiosis between the built environment and surrounding nature, promoting biodiversity, sustainability and community resilience.

    Combining modularity, flexibility and integration with nature, “Métamorphose de la Loire” proposes an artistic and avant-garde vision of architecture that transcends the traditional boundaries between art and functionality. The structures and spaces created in this project are designed to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the community and environment, while celebrating the beauty and richness of the Loire landscape.

    By Studio DAAO, architectural practice

    “Chromatopolis” is a two-part art installation exploring the relationship between geometric shapes, light, color and human interaction.

    By Jérémie Bellot

    Emotional Digiscape is a series of visuals exploring the symbiosis between futuristic architecture and the landscape environment.
    The château’s chapel, with its stained-glass windows, provides an ideal setting for this exhibition. The stained-glass windows bring a spiritual and mystical dimension, evoking a profound link between art, technology and transcendence. They also recall history and tradition, contrasting with the futuristic aesthetics of the visuals presented.

    This dialogue between past and future, spirituality and technology, architecture and landscape, creates an immersive and unique experience for visitors. The Emotional Digiscape exhibition invites us to reflect on our relationship with the environment and technology, while celebrating the beauty of this unexpected fusion.

    By Jérémie Bellot

    The Château de Beaugency creates and collects NFTS and offers its visitors the chance to become digital art collectors too, by acquiring digital artworks.

    Support the digital art scene by purchasing NFTS.

    But what is an NFT?

    NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. they are unique digital tokens, impossible to duplicate in their entirety. they work on the same principle as crypto-currencies, based on a blockchain.
    These works can be displayed in your home on screen or tablet, and are sometimes accompanied by a physical object, depending on the series and the artist.

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