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    2022 - BEAUGENCY

    Color only exists through light, whether natural or artificial; it’s light that fuels our vision, the cradle of our illusions. Assuming an element of dream in the space we perceive enables us to develop new imaginations. Rêves Chromatiques takes us on a journey between the arts, science and heritage.

    A journey of works within the Château de Lumières proposed by visual artist and artistic director of the Centre d’Art Jérémie Bellot, who offers visitors a new look at heritage through his own creations, those he co-creates with his studio AV Extended and composer Ena Eno, as well as artists invited to create and exhibit at the Château.

    Influenced by nature, polyhedral geometry and space, Rêves Chromatiques is a unique encounter between contemporary creation using digital tools and old stones.

    Journey into a luminous digital universe where Medieval and Renaissance architecture is revealed through beams of light and bricks of pixels.

    Nuage de Points

    This holographic cube is made up of three thousand luminous stars. The Nuage de Points project is an evolving visualization of stellar and geometric dreams. Sometimes static, with a regular, static shape, offering optical illusions through the alignment of the stars, sometimes in motion to represent the dynamics of dreams and their visual materialization.

    By Jérémie Bellot & Ena Eno

    Red Stars

    Flows are activated, fixed, gravitating. Wandering through residual spaces, the audience becomes the prey, the target; these moving particles are absorbed and restored through luminous celestial stars. The stars, sometimes hospitable, sometimes oppressive, absorb the context and dictate its rhythm. In this version of the work, featuring passages at the foot of the stars, Red Stars takes us into the multiverse.

    By Jéremie Bellot, Julien Desbrosses & Ena Eno

    Orbital Stigmata

    This project questions the presence of orbital debris in space, through the visualization of real-time data and the synthesis of its exponential growth in contemporary history. What does the future hold for space? Having reached the limits of the utopia of abundance on Earth, have we now reached the limits of the density of occupation and pollution of our near-Earth orbits? To the point of compromising our entire space deployment?

    By Jérémie Bellot, Sylvain Delbart & Ena Eno

    Lune Dichroïque

    A geode suspended in the Chapelle Saint-Georges of the Château de Beaugency, this colorful star is the satellite of the “Blue Planet” work on display in the Place Dunois. An orbiting satellite magnetically positioned in this architecture dedicated to the sacred, this celestial star reflects and colors its surroundings, playing with light like a stained-glass window.

    By Jérémie Bellot

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